Live Music

Our Taproom offers a variety of live music Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.
Sets typically start around 7pm!*

Upcoming lineup

Thursday, Dec 13 - Adam Young

Friday, Dec 14 - Evan Rogalsky

Saturday, Dec 15 - Gary And Joe of JiveTown

Thursday, Dec 20 - Jamie Buckboro

Friday, Dec 21 - Greg Arcade

Saturday, Dec 22 - Evan Rogalsky

Thursday, Dec 27 - Gary Gach

Friday, Dec 28 - Greg Arcade

Saturday, Dec 29 - Soul Shakers

Past performers

(Click on Their Name for More Information)

Adam Young

Ashley Fredette

Bo Legged

Evan Rogalsky

Gary Gach

Jamie Buckboro

MacTague and MacAnallen

Miles Kereliuk (All Alone)

Skylar Bouchard

Soul Shakers