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Foeder (pronounced FOOD-er) is a large wooden vat used to ferment or age beer. Brewers use Foeders to impart complex characteristics into the beer with notes that can range from delicate oak vanillins pulled from the wood to funk-forward profiles derived from wild yeast. 


In 2017, we installed six French Oak Foeders and began our specialty Foeder Aging Program. Currently many of these beers are still aging; continuing to develop characteristics unique to each batch. Once the Brewmaster deems the batch to have reached its desired profile, the beer is transferred out of the Foeder and a new batch of beer introduced into the Foeder. The process continues on. We are proud to be the first brewery in Manitoba to work with Foeders. 

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The first collaboration beer coming out of our Foeder Reserve Program!! 


The Name “Parhelion” 

On the day of the brew, in February 2018, a Parhelion, more commonly known as a Sundog, dominated the frigid Winnipeg winter sky inspiring the name for this beer.

Parhelion’s Unique Ingredient and Process

This Rustic Farmhouse Saison was brewed using wild rice sourced from Du Bois Wild Rice Ltd., a fourth generation Manitoba family farm. A combination of the French oak from the foeder and the bottle conditioning process created a delicate effervescence that enhances the complex notes, blending together in a balanced finish.

Parhelion Tasting Notes

Experience a soft, oak silkiness that unfolds over complex spice and fruity esters with a traditional yeast funk (Brettanomyces) and a nutty undertone pulled from the wild rice.

Parhelion Specs

ABV: 7% IBU: 25

Best served in a Teku or Stemmed Saison-Style Glass

Recommended Serving Temperature: 8˚-12˚C

Best Enjoyed Before: November 2019



*** Batch 2020 NOW AVAILABLE in 750mL BOTTLES

***Batch 2019 sold out on tap & in 750mL BOTTLES

Solera Inspiration and Story

On August 1, 2017, our long awaited dream became a reality. After many years of planning and two years of building, we were officially ready to brew, and that we did! Our inaugural brew, batch #001, drew inspiration from the deep rooted history of the prairies, a land rich with agriculture and the stories of the families who work it. Farmhouse Saison is a historic style of beer that was originally created by farmers who would brew batches of low-alcohol beer to quench the thirst of their farmhands during the hot summer months. This style of beer incorporates ingredients that are tightly woven into this land and its water, air and people.

We wanted batch #001 to forever live in the brewery, so we decided to introduce the complex and unique method called Solera. We set aside a portion of #001 and cellared it for one year. On August 1, 2018, we brewed the same recipe and transfered it into Foeder No. 5. We then took a portion of #001 and blended into the 2018 batch, allowing the beers to introduce themselves into one another and slowly soak into the French oak of the Foeder, creating a Solera effect. Now every August 1, our brew-anniversary, we bottle the blended beer from Foeder No. 5, knowing a part of that original 2017 brew lives on.

Solera Tasting Notes

Our 2019 batch of Solera is a blend of our 2017 and 2018 vintages that were aged in our French oak Foeder No. 5 for 12 months and fermented with the historic Brettanomyces yeast strain. Notes of subtle funk and soft malt on the nose are delicately highlighted by its oak character that gracefully and patiently evolve through the beer. Its dynamic characteristics slowly unfold with intertwined layers of old and new. This 2019 release will be the youngest of all our future Solera releases, but as we enjoy it with each passing year, we have the chance to go back to where we started. 7% ABV, 22 IBU

Solera Specs

ABV: 7% IBU: 25

Best served in a Teku or Stemmed Saison-Style Glass

Recommended Serving Temperature: 8˚-12˚C

Cellaring: Keep in a cool, dark place

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