As many have heard, we at TCB are planning some changes with regard to our taproom’s food menu. While we weren’t quite ready to announce any changes, a recent article in the Winnipeg Free Press has prompted some inquiry from the community. Executive summary: Pizza is here to stay in the TCB Taproom, while we work to add further options to the menu. Tommy has recently announced plans for a stand-alone restaurant, a dream project of his that he has long been working on. 

The connection between Timmy Tom’s and TCB was one of luck and timing. I reconnected with Thomas Schneider (“Tommy”), an old elementary-school friend, just as plans for TCB were really coming together in 2016. Tommy, a lifelong pizza fan, was working toward his dream of opening his own pizza restaurant, but first needed to find a way to prove his concept. As luck would have it, I hadn’t quite figured out how we would handle the food-service side of our taproom that was required both practically and by regulation.

It was the perfect opportunity for Tommy to prove his concept, and for the taproom to have a solid food offering for guests to enjoy with TCB beer. It was a hybrid model; Tommy worked to develop Timmy Tom’s, while Timmy Tom’s was under the umbrella of TCB. In all, Tommy would gain valuable experience and ideas to help him with his future dream of a stand-alone location of his own, while gauging the community’s reception to the pizza.  

The first six months of public operation were all that was needed, and about a year ago, Tommy left day-to-day operations in our kitchen and began working on plans for a stand-alone location. Since then, Tommy has worked diligently on building further skills and ideas for his new concept, and has spent many months exploring real estate opportunities for the right location. All the while, our kitchen at TCB has been in the very capable hands of our kitchen team.

As many have heard, Tommy was recently able to secure a fabulous location on Corydon Ave! He is currently working carefully on renovation and menu development plans and is very excited to be in the home-stretch of the journey toward his own stand-alone restaurant. He will be announcing more as the project progresses.

What does this mean for the TCB taproom?

Over the past year, TCB has been exploring ideas to bring beer and food more closely together in our taproom. At the same time, it has always been important to me that Timmy Tom’s pizza, which our taproom guests have come to enjoy alongside our beer, remain at the core of our food menu.

TCB is in the process of planning an additional component of our food concept to consist of food items developed as pairings with our beer. We have been in discussions with several people involved in the industry, including RJ Urbano, a talented chef whom we have collaborated with closely in the past. We are very excited about this program and will be announcing more as we determine what it will all look like. 

I have spoken with Tommy, and we both agree. Our kitchen team will continue to prepare pizza utilizing Timmy Tom’s classic recipe, with the same care and dedication that has been uninterrupted since our opening in 2017. Pizza is a permanent part of our Taproom. It is important to me and the TCB team, and it is important to Tommy. 

It is an exciting time, for both Timmy Tom’s and TCB, as both brands continue to evolve. I am very happy to see Tommy taking this giant step toward fulfilling his lifelong dream. I am also happy to announce that the infamous Timmy Tom’s statue will spend time in both the TCB Taproom and Tommy’s new restaurant.



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We are excited to have our Taproom and Kitchen open!

On Wednesday, March 2ndth at 11AM we will be opening the doors to our Taproom for lunch. Stay tuned for more details to come on what you can expect this year.

Our General Store is open as usual for Beer To Go (Mon-Tues 9AM-4PN, Wed-Sat 9AM-11PM, Sun 9AM-7PM) and our Taproom and Kitchem are open for Dine In (Mon-Tues CLOSED, Wed-Sat 11AM-11PM, Sun 12-7PM)! We look forward to welcoming you back this week for some freshly poured pints and delicious pizza.


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