Small Batch Specialty Series: dominion Ale

A beer that truly brings the country together!

Brewed each year to celebrate Dominion Day, we sourced its ingredients from every Canadian province and territory. So this year, let's raise a toast to our great country turning 154... the Great White North has never tasted better!

Dominion Ale is available for Home Delivery and Curbside Service, from our Retail Store and in select local Liquor Marts and Vendors.

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We are excited to have our Taproom and Patio open.. in just a few days!

On Wednesday, June 30th at 4PM we will be opening the doors to our Taproom and Patio! Stay tuned for more details to come on what you can expect.

Until then, our General Store and Kitchen will be open as usual for Beer To Go (Mon-Sat 9AM-10PM, Sun 9AM-7PM) and Food Pick-Up (Tues-Sat 2PM-10PM, Sun 2-7PM)! We look forward to welcoming you back this week for some freshly poured pints on our taps.


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