Foeder Reserve: Brett Pale Ale with Saskatoon Berries

Foeder Reserve: Brett Pale Ale with Saskatoon Berries
Aged in Foeder No. 1

A Foeder is a large wooden vat used to ferment or age beer. At Trans Canada Brewing Company, we have six French Oak Foeders to impart complex characteristics into the beer with notes that can range from delicate oak vanillins pulled from the wood to funk-forward profiles derived from wild yeast. 

Complex and Fruity | 6.2% alc./vol. | 10 IBU

This Brett Pale Ale is slowly fermented using the wild yeast strain Brettanomyces and aged in French Oak Foeders. The nose is complex with earthiness and funk. Saskatoon berries provide a fruity undertone. The oak complements the complex yeast character on the palate creating a balanced, refreshingly dry finish.

Cellaring: Keep in a cool, dark place

Recommended Glassware: Tulip Glass

Recommended Serving Temperature: 10-13 degrees C

Now available on tap in our Taproom and 750mL bottles sold exclusively in our General Store.

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