County Sour Series: Ginger Sour

Introducing our NEW addition to our County Sour Series... Ginger Sour!

This is the first beer in our County Sour Series created with a root instead of a fruit! Here at TCB, when we think of this series we think of farmers markets and fresh ingredients. Our brew crew wanted to mix things up for fall and landed on the warm, refreshingly sweet and spicy root that is ginger.

This sour is a Berliner Weisse aged on fresh ginger puree. Subtle pepper and citrus notes blend together with the natural acidity from the kettle sour creating a slightly spicy, sweet flavour with the classic tart finish. 

Available now, come enjoy a pint in our Taproom and grab some cans from our General Store or order online for Home Delivery at, and don't forget to check out your local Vendor and Liquor Marts around Manitoba!

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We are excited to have our Taproom and Patio open.. in just a few days!

On Wednesday, June 30th at 4PM we will be opening the doors to our Taproom and Patio! Stay tuned for more details to come on what you can expect.

Until then, our General Store and Kitchen will be open as usual for Beer To Go (Mon-Sat 9AM-10PM, Sun 9AM-7PM) and Food Pick-Up (Tues-Sat 2PM-10PM, Sun 2-7PM)! We look forward to welcoming you back this week for some freshly poured pints on our taps.


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