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Nordic Pale Ale

Brewed exclusively and in collaboration with RAW:almond and now available for a limited time this Wednesday, February 20th @4pm in 750ml bottles in our retail store and on draft in our taproom!

Nordic Pale Ale or Kveik Pale Ale (Kveik - Norwegian word for yeast, pronounced kwike), is a Norwegian Farmhouse yeast strain. For generations Norwegian brewers have been passing down the yeast that ferment their unique, characterful farmhouse ales.

Chef Mandel and Head Brewer Morgan Wielgosz wanted to collaborate on an exclusive beer for RAW:almond. While attending Raw:Wasagaming, Chef presented a dish with hand picked spruce tips - it was one of Morgan’s favourite dishes - and part of the inspiration for the Norwegian Pale Ale.

This batch produced beautiful, bold tropical and citrus notes of tangerine peel, ripe pineapple and mango. We sourced Canadian Black Spruce tips and steeped them for 24 hours before adding them to the fermentor. The spruce tips added a fresh woodsy-resinous component to the beer that compliments the tangerine notes.

In general, our Nordic Pale Ale has bold aromatic notes of tangerine peel and subtle fresh woodsy undertone. It is medium bodied with moderate carbonation that accentuates the resins from the spruce tips. There are subtle malt undertones on the palate with a gentle bitterness and dry, crispy finish. We wanted to create a beer that would compliment the dishes presented at Raw, while showcasing the dynamic aromatic and flavour profile of the kveik and spruce tips. 6% ABV/15 IBU

Brown Ale aged on bc cherries!

Currently on draft in our taproom.

Delicate notes of cherry blend with the subtle nutty and roast malt character, creating a beautiful profile. 5.5% ABV/20 IBU

Coffee Porter is back!

Currently on draft in our taproom.

Locally roasted coffee beans, steeped in our Porter, boasting fruity notes with dark chocolate and espresso undertones. 6.5% ABV/20 IBU

introducing Maibock!****sold out

Classic German style lager with notes of sweet malt and subtle noble hop aroma. Golden in colour and beautiful balance of malt and hops 8% ABV/15 IBU

Currently sold out on draft in our taproom.

Porter Now on tap!

This medium bodied Porter features notes of dark chocolate and espresso on the nose and palate with a subtle hop profile. 6.5% ABV/20 IBU

Available only on draft in our taproom.

Cranberry Stout returns****sold out on draft, a few bottles remain in our retail store only!

We are excited to bring back our favourite stout of the season. Brewed using a blend of complex malts, imparting notes of dark chocolate, roast coffee and vanilla. Made with natural cranberry flavour, the harmony of flavours meld together making this Cranberry Stout a warming winter beer. 7.0% ABV/25 IBU

SOLD OUT on draft in our taproom and a few 750ML bottles in our retail store!! Limited quantity, while supplies last!

double IPA is back for a limited time

Currently on draft in our taproom.

Heavily hopped, our double IPA has pronounced notes of pine, tropical and grapefruit on the nose and palate. The sweetness of the malt body cuts the overwhelming bitterness from the hops and leaves the palate with a beautifully balanced hop forward experience. 8.9% ABV/85 IBU