Posted: May 12, 2017

Closes: July 1, 2017

Job Classification: Permanent, Full-Time

Reports To: Head Brewer

Pay Rate: Hourly rate, based on experience. 40 hours per week with occasional overtime. Varying shift schedules, including; days, afternoons, evenings and/or weekends, as production demands

Requirements: 3-5 years minimum professional brewing experience, passion for brewing quality beer

About Trans Canada Brewing Company:

We are a state of the art brewing facility dedicated to producing world-class beer with a focus on quality from grain to packaged product. Our Brewers are responsible for maintaining and executing all necessary duties according to policy and procedure, safety requirements, and best practice. The role assists in all aspects of quality beer production, including, but not limited to; raw materials handling, milling of grain, wort production, fermentation monitoring, yeast handling and pitching, clarification, transfers, bright beer handling, packaging, equipment CIP and sanitation.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Wort production on both our 5hL and 35hL systems, with focus on quality
  • Detailed record keeping and quality control reporting
  • Raw material handling and assist in maintaining inventory with weekly updates
  • Cellaring duties, including; CIP, transfers, and QC checks
  • Centrifuge operation and filtration 
  • Packaging duties, including; CIP, kegging, bottling and general packaging support
  • Ensure production and packaging areas adhere to the strict sanitation and hygienic standards as set out by the Head Brewer
  • Perform regular scheduled line cleaning of our tap room beer lines
  • Actively contribute to maintaining a safe working environment
  • Mechanical aptitude and strong troubleshooting skills
  • Work flexible shift schedules, including evenings and weekends, as production demands
  • Participate in public tours, education, tastings, festivals and promotional events, while adhering to company culture and policies
  • General cleaning of cellar, brewhouse, and packaging areas including floors, vessels, piping, etc
  • Follow safe chemical and food handling protocols

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Prior professional brewing experience in either brewpub or production brewery
  • Passion for craft beer and appreciation for craft beer culture
  • Ability to work independently, think critically and self-motivate
  • Attention to detail and execute recipes with precision
  • Formal sensory training is an asset
  • Strong ability to multi-task and adapt to a changing environment

Physical Duties:

The role is physically demanding and requires physical strength and endurance. It entails working on foot for extended periods of time and requires heavy lifting of objects 50 lb or greater. It requires frequent physical acts of bending, kneeling, twisting, reaching, and climbing heights in a manufacturing environment with humidity, water, steam, heat and hazardous cleaning materials.

How to Apply:

Please submit your resume by July 1, 2017 to Apply@TCB.Beer with the subject of BREWER. Only potential candidates will be contacted for an interview. Thank you for your interest and taking the time to review this posting.