Grab‘N’GO Growlers

Quick & Easy, Quality Fill. Easy as 1-2-3!


what is a growler?

A Growler is a refillable air tight container that is easy to transport and allows you to enjoy our beers at home.  They are a great option for entertaining, gift giving or simply sharing with friends!  We use a glass amber 1.89L growler, which is equivalent to a little more than five 355ml bottles.

How do i buy growlers at tcb?

Growlers are available in our retail store (CLICK HERE for store hours), pre-filled and kept cold for your convenience. We offer a growler deposit return program, see below for program details.

How does the growler deposit program work?

You pay a one-time bottle deposit to us for each growler we provide you, this bottle deposit will either be fully refunded when you return your bottle (in good condition), or you can exchange for another pre-filled growler and pay only the price of the beer.  

Purchasing Growlers at TCB is as Easy as 1-2-3!

(1)   Pick a TCB beer available in one of our 1.89L Grab‘N’Go Growlers. Pay the price of the beer and a one-time fully refundable $10 deposit.

(2)   Take home and enjoy.

(3)  Bring back the empty Grab‘N’Go Growler to TCB and exchange for another pre-filled TCB Grab‘N’Go Growler (pay the price of the beer only), or return for a full $10 deposit refund.


what beer styles are available?

Our beer styles may change week to week depending on what we are brewing. Please CLICK HERE for current availability. 

why do you only offer pre-filled growlers?

We offer pre-filled Grab‘N’Go growlers for your convenience and quality assurance.


Grab‘N’Go growlers are a convenient and easy option for you to purchase our beer!  This also saves you time at home, no cleaning required, just bring in your empty growler and exchange for a new one!

Quality Assurance

We fill our growlers in a controlled environment, testing dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, and fill using a ‘capping on foam’ method.  This method displaces air from the neck of the bottle, which reduces oxygen levels to help prevent undesirable flavour development.  

In addition, we use a commercial growler washing station for optimal cleanliness and to ensure no detergent/sanitizer residue is present that may affect the taste profile of the beer. 

When do you fill your growlers and when should I drink by?

We fill our growlers daily for optimal freshness and all growlers are labelled with the fill date.  Consume within 7-10 days if sealed or 2 days after opening.  Keep growlers refrigerated and away from direct sunlight. 

Important Info:

Available only at TCB during store hours. TCB Grab‘N’Go Growlers only. Growler remains property of TCB. $10 deposit per growler. Multiple Grab‘N’Go Growlers may be returned for deposit refund simultaneously. No purchase necessary for deposit refund. Beer subject to availability.