Foeder program

Foeder Room

Foeder Room


What is a foeder?

Foeder (pronounced FOOD-er) is a large wooden vat used to ferment or age beer. Brewers use Foeders to impart complex characteristics into the beer with notes that can range from delicate oak vanillins pulled from the wood to funk-forward profiles derived from wild yeast. 

Trans Canada Brewing Co. Foeder program

In 2017, we installed six French Oak Foeders and began our specialty Foeder Aging Program. Currently many of these beers are still aging; continuing to develop characteristics unique to each batch. Once the Brewmaster deems the batch to have reached its desired profile, the beer is transferred out of the Foeder and a new batch of beer introduced into the Foeder. The process continues on. We are proud to be the first brewery in Manitoba to work with Foeders. 

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