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what is a sour beer you may ask?

Berliner Weisse is a historical sour wheat beer originating from Germany. This beer is brewed to a low ABV with a moderate amount of acidity imparted by the natural Lactobacillus fermentation (same souring bacteria found naturally in yogurt). Sometimes this beer would be served with a side of syrup for the consumer to add to their desire (sweeten the acidic profile). Our unique twist is the addition of fruit into the beer to create a balance between tart and juicy. The low ABV and juicy acidity make this a refreshing and tart beer perfect for the summer.

the inspiration behind our County Sour Series

County Sour Series was spawned with the idea that we would age our Berliner Weisse (sours) on Canadian sourced fruit, typically grown in "counties". The first sour we brewed was our Peach, using peaches from the Niagara County in Ontario, thus the term "County Sour Series". Our sours are aged on all Canadian sourced fruit, with a moderate pH level (3.4) and low ABV. Our County Sour beers are made with real fruit and may contain particulate.

release schedule

Although we may keep the upcoming sours “top secret” for now, here is the timeline you can expect to see the different beers make their way into the market!

We brew our sour beers in small batches so quantity is limited.

County Sour Beer #1: Peach ***SOLD OUT
Taproom Draft: Thursday July 4th (SOLD OUT)
Retail Store CAN: Friday July 5th (SOLD OUT)

County Sour Beer #2: Raspberry Sour ***SOLD OUT
Taproom Draft: Wednesday July 17th (SOLD OUT)
Retail Store CAN, Wednesday July 17th (SOLD OUT)

County Sour Beer’N’Brunch July 21st (SOLD OUT)

County Sour Beer #3: Cherry Sour! ***SOLD OUT
Taproom Draft: Wednesday July 31st (SOLD OUT)
Retail Store CAN, Wednesday July 31st (SOLD OUT)

County Sour Beer #4: Guava Sour ***NOW AVAILABLE
Taproom Draft: Wednesday August 14th
Retail Store CAN, Wednesday August 14th